Education through sport Network



“Education through Sport Network” (ETSN) is a 12-month Small Collaborative Partnership Erasmus+ Project, involving 5 organizations from 5 different countries with the aim to reinforce an existing informal ETS network and to develop it into an open and transparent transnational community of organisations and experts, who actively use the Education through Sports methodology (ETS).



The Kick-off meeting was held in London (UK) in February 2019, with hosting organisation Champions factory LTD.

The objectives were:

  • To provide a field for all partners to meet in person
  • To plan and set all logistics of the project, including internal the deadlines for each milestone. These to be detailed in the project management tool Trello.
  • To plan in details the upcoming activities and actions to be taken
  • To brainstorm on possibilities on how to reach even beyond the planned results.


The seminar was held in Sardinia (Italy) in May 2019, with hosting organisation Mine Vaganti NGO.

The objectives were:

  • To exchange good examples of projects using Education through Sport Methodology
  • To connect project coordinators active in the field of Education through Sport Methodology
  • To plan replication of shared good practices



The training was held in Varna (Bulgaria) in July 2019, with hosting organisation Champions Factory Bulgaria.

The objectives were:

  • To exchange tested Education through Sport Tools between the partner organizations and each of them to implement new ones into their work
  • To establish sustainable contact between the organization members of the already official network
  • To improve the quality of the work of each organization



Closing conference was held in Budapest (Hungary) in December 2019, with hosting organisation “Budapest Association for International Sports”.

The objectives are:

  • To deliver a final evaluation summary of the project- To promote the project and it’s outcomes, as well as ensure the visibility of the network
  • To plan concrete follow-up of the project (plan new initiatives with the partners, expending of thenetwork, opportunities beyond the EU Funding frame, etc.)



Handbook with ETS good practices

“Professional Characteristics Frame of ETS Ambassadors”